We have to repair the trust.
You’ll never get there if you don’t have dialogue.

Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent, Chicago Police Department

Every day, Chicagoans strive towards a peaceful city that works—for all its residents. How can our police department begin to enforce the law and keep the peace in ways that are just and equitable for minority communities?

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We have real work to get done,
and families want to be part of the solution.

Kristina Lowenstein
Co-Founder, The Honeycomb Project

Children are never too young to get involved in fun, rewarding community service. To build lifelong habits of giving back, today’s leaders need to ask the next generation how they believe we should make our city great.

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When you invite neighbors and
begin to talk about problems over a meal—it’s magic.

Rose Mabwa
Sr. Manager of Community Life, Oakley Square

At this affordable housing complex, the new management and the residents all wanted to turn things around. A common table helped them invent solutions together—from a health clinic to a student mentoring program, right in their own home.

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Designers and factory owners
need to realize how much they have to offer one another.

Susan Page Estes
Founding Partner, DesignHouse

A manufacturing renaissance in American cities can generate skilled jobs and expand the tax base. Getting there requires building connections between emerging artisans and local factory owners with the flexibility and knowledge to bring their products to life.

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