Taking Action % of respondents n=3765


91 percent of respondents are likely to take action regarding a new idea, concern or issue discussed in their conversation.

Specifically, respondents plan to take action through:% of respondents n=2803

Community Participation0%


Raising Awareness0%


For the second year in a row, topics such as education and youth development, equity and social inclusion, and economic issues and poverty emerged as important issues. But, this year, issues involving the judicial system and public safety were much more prominent.

Three Years of On the Table:
Much More than Conversation

Joseph K. Hoereth
Director, Institute for Policy and Civic Engagement
University of Illinois at Chicago

The first time one tries something, it is about figuring out how to get it done. The second try is often about making adjustments to improve or enhance your experience. A third try gives you a chance to reflect on the whether you are making progress, or “getting it right.” Since the 2014 inaugural version of The Chicago Community Trust’s now annual On the Table, my colleagues and I at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Institute for Policy and Civic Engagement (IPCE) have conducted a follow up survey of participants each year to learn about who’s participating and why, and what those people care most about. With three years of data under our belt, we now have the opportunity to look at the impact of the initiative in a meaningful way.

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