Making New and Lasting Connections % of respondents n=3780


of respondents spoke with one or more attendees they did not already know


of respondents exchanged contact information with other On the Table participants


of respondents made specific plans to work with one or more attendees

Out of the respondents from 2016 who participated in On the Table in previous years, 57 percent participated in follow-up conversations over the past year, 46 percent stayed in contact with other attendees and 24 percent worked with one or more attendees on an idea. % of respondents n=755

Increasing Understanding


97 percent of respondents were “somewhat” to “very satisfied” with the diversity of views and opinions

% of respondents n=3765


74 percent of respondents have a “somewhat” to “much better” understanding of issues facing their communities.

% of respondents n=3720


70 percent of respondents have a “somewhat“ to “much better“ understanding of how to help address said issues.

% of respondents n=3548


Nearly all respondents (98%) are “somewhat likely” to “very likely” to recommend On the Table to their friends and colleagues.

% of respondents n=3797